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Bashers Cricket Club

Business vs Hot Dogs – June 18,2017

On a bright sunny (I assume from the brightness, though the sun was rarely seen) Sunday morning, saw our stand in skipper setting an example and turned up early to Camel, only to find some of the team members are late ! Angel finally turning up, much to the displeasure of a highly animated bus driver, the bus was boarded. The Bashers promptly went on to dig into some delicious pies (Thanks to Fluffer, as always), and Angel’s conspiracy-theory of #PieGate was put to rest.

Coming into the ground Leisure met the Business with a victory, but the victory streak for the Bashers only lasted as far as Skiddy promoting himself as the skipper and going in for the toss. With a lost toss, the Doggies wanted to bat. Bashers started the innings with a generous allowance of the extras, and saw them ticking to a 100 way too soon. In between all generosity there might having been a pre-mature celebration resulting  in a drop catch from a person who shall not be named.

Some good bowling, in between the plentiful wides, was unfortunately was followed a flurry of drop catches where every Basher contributed diligently and eventually letting them set a target of 324. A quick mention to Aaron (WarCry) for being the only bowler to have an economy below 6.  All of the boundaries, extras and increasing grumpiness on the field contributed to a poor over rate. Skiddy claims his above 10 economy rate was primarily because he had to bowl to improve the over rate, only having to fetch the ball from the boundary way too often. Not sure if this was selflessness or just sheer lack of skill.

With some very village performance on the field, Long Dong started his sermons on how the game is played.

But to actually contribute to the chase, Angel and Hassan (known as Grabber from now on – reasoning at the end) went into bat. Only to have Grabber return back rather soon for our liking. After the first wicket, Ripper and Angel set to building a partnership. A platform beginning to set, Angel was became the second wicket bowled of the innings (a pattern might emerge here). Few more overs, saw Swiper and Swoop return back, and Ripper holding fort at the other end. Bambi walked in and set about playing some sensible cricket, which surprised (in a pleasant way) the team. Some excellent batting saw Ripper get his Half century and Bambi coming real close to his 50, but got out to a rash shot and ended blaming the bat! Bambi’s wicket was followed by a classic Bashers collapse, with a highlight of Dongy scoring more than the three previous batsmen combined.

Despite the losing cause, Business managed to get their highest total for the season and managed to play the entire quota of overs, another first this season. A solid combination of terrible fielding/bowling and half decent batting performance, put another notch in the losses column.

The hunt for a Business victory continues!

On other news, there were the christening of two new Bashers:

  • WarCry – for the battle cry he has before bowling every ball. Atleast the projectile does have potential to create damage.
  • Grabber  for the plentiful to attempts to hold onto the ball, and finally achieving it once
1st XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack





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