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Bashers Cricket Club

Business v Daredevils (Re)match Report

Way back on the 3rd of June the Business headed out for a re-match with the unbeaten Daredevils. The Devils hadn’t been beaten since July last year in Division One and made sure everyone knew about it. There was a lot of pre-game banter going into this one but fortunately we had Sanjay’s 6’s meltdown to fall back on!

The Business were missing Dazzler who was getting a nip n tuck and some collagen, Stats and Sir Dick who were doing a bit of nipping n tucking in Macau, Growler to a dodgy leg and Sinbad who was eating nuggets for a change. But fortunately we had Pam to play his role and he promptly ring up at 8am on Sunday morning to cop out of the game. Dodgy chicken? Dodgy story!

So up came Hog, Pothole and Korean. A finer trio of Merry Men there have not been.

Business got to the ground nice and early to see the Leisure wrap up a comfortable victory. Filth won the toss and choice to bat. Korean and Cassius opened up to the dibbly-dobblies of S. Kumar and the the baldness of Sanjay Anugula. Korean was quickly on his way for 1 bringing Pothole into bat. He was instructed to stodge and stodge he did almost seeing off Anugula, 24-2 after 8. The third Business debutante, Hog, stepped up at number three and alongside Cassius set about slowly building the innings. After doing all the hard work Cassius then fell caught behind to the dross from Bhasker and the Business were 60-3 just before drinks.

Post drinks Tubby played a whirlwind innings of 15 off 10 but couldn’t resisted the lollies of Dinesh Pissurlenkar and was bowled, 84-4 after 21 and in a touch of bother. A confident A Trois strode to the wicket and quickly set about rescuing proceedings. He finished with 43 off 42 balls in a 76 run partnership for the 5th wicket. 160-5 with 7 overs remaining. Filthy came in and made a quick 18 off 10 (quicker than Tubby), Paps smashed 14 off 10 and Tiny 7 off 2 finishing with a six! At the other end Hog had compiled an excellent 61* off 96 balls. A beautifully paced innings that emerged from slow start (4 of 31). Final tally 226-7.

A par score but the Devils had a strong line up, having already scored over 300 once this year. Paps started with a great over followed by pies from Filthy. But as is often the case in Shanghai cricket garbage gets results and a Filthy “slow” bouncer was guided into Tubby’s hands at first slip in the 3rd over. Paps quickly got into the act and had the other opener bowled and J. Lebowitz caught by Korean in the gully. There was much celebrating of Korean’s first outfield catch for the Business! Deepak Nautiyal was promoted to join Gravity Newton (16 off 43) at the crease boredom set in. Stats would’ve loved Newton innings full as it was off wafts and swishes outside off stump. It really was a thing of beauty. Newton finally fell to a Tiny full toss, ably caught by Hog in the covers.

In came Sanjay still bearing the scars, bruises and broken will from his 6’s implosion. The Business kindly reminded him of it in case he’d forgotten, at least twice. The game was tight but the Business had slowly pushed up the run rate. Leppa was bowling well and his bunny was at the wicket. He actually got him out twice but the square leg umpire who hadn’t really contributed with bat or bowl decided he’d try and win the game with his umpiring and turned down the stumping appeal. It was clearly out from long on and the Business said as much. The genial spirit in which the Devils usually play the game took a turn for the worse and was topped off with Cassius and Angry-gula discussing each others general appearance and where they could conveniently store contraband for a border crossing.

In the end Leppa claimed his rightful wicket to a superb Hog catch on the mid-wicket boundary and boy was Sanjay chuffed. Jasim Baig was then bowled for golden duck by Filthy and the Business were into the tail. 80 off the final 10 was never really on and the Devils ended at 189-8.

A great performance by the team and especially Hog whose innings was crucial and whose fielding was fantastic. Paps also bowled as a good a spell as I’ve ever seen in Division One. All bodes well for the rest of the season. Top of the table (at least for that week).

Hog 61* off 96, 2 catches
Paps 14 off 10, 8 overs 2 maidens 18 runs 3 wickets and a catch
A Tois 43 off 42
Leppa 8 1 25 1
Filthy 18 off 10, 8 – 57 2
Tiny and Chitty a wicket a piece.

2012 Division One

Monday 4 June 2012 P W D L F A P
Bashers Business 5 3 1 1 1156 1024 14
Daredevils CC 5 3 1 1 1013 813 14
DPR Hot Dogs 5 3 0 2 759 1197 12
Pudong Power 6 2 0 4 900 946 8
K2 CCC 5 1 0 4 884 732 4
1st XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack





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