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Bashers Sixes Day Results, 27 September

The Bashers Sixes Day was a fantastic event (even if the esky was empty by 10.30am). We’ll need to make this a regular fixture in the Bashers calendar!

Bashers Day Sixes

Game 1:
Kooka Bashers 68/2 tied with Camel Bashers 68/1

Kooka vs Camel

Game 2:
31 Jiu Bashers 70/0 defeated ISG Bashers 53/2

ISG vs 31 Jiu

Game 3:
ISG Bashers 65/0 defeated Camel Bashers 45/2

Camel vs ISG

*I suspect C*** is in fact Square Root

Game 4:
31 Jiu Bashers 54/3 were defeated by Kooka Bashers 59/2

Kooka vs 31 Jiu

Game 5:
31 Jiu Bashers 48/4 were defeated by Camel Bashers 49/1

Camel vs 31 Jiu

Game 6:
ISG Bashers 35/1 were defeated by Kooka Bashers 39/0

ISG vs Kooka 1

Points Table:

Kooka Bashers – Bashers Sixes Champions!!!
Kooka Bashers 1

Kooka Bashers 2

Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn Short attention span cricket Beer





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