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Bashers Cricket Club

Bashers Leisure vs Daredevils – Sun 24 June

I don’t think there’ll ever be a Sunday start like this one.  The camel looked decidedly normal from the outside but the sight of SinBad, stickered cap on pointing the way,  swaying in the darkness like some dancing bear on steroids was enough to send any ultimate party animal into hysterics.

Moments later the party swelled with the welcome presence of style itself in the shape of The Jag, Loose, Parrot and Pope. Jag claiming himself King of Cool with monickered bat and Versace inspired clobber, we knew this would be a game of Grace if not pace.

Treacherous poaching of essential Leisure members Spanner, Puberty and Tantric into the Pleasure bus had to be matched by a kidnapping of another kind as Sinbad was bundled onto the Leisure bus, unfortunately without his translator because for the next 45 minutes nobody understood a word he said.

With Pies and pastries downed, on arriving at the ground a pre match team workout ensued, accompanied by some rather pre pubescent music courtesy of Cranky. Gut ache, frivolities and some Popish absolutions followed for what was fast becoming a beach party rather than pre match motivation.

The Sun was out, Leisure were in high spirits as we’d won the toss to bowl first. Some anxiety ensued as the Devils decided to bat facing short boundaries. We’d better step up the bowling boys or 6’s and 4’s would wipe out the still fresh memories of our momentous victory over the dogs.  Some opening tight bowling from Loose, Cranky and Hustler keeping up the pace and Dulux adding some colour, ensured the devils couldn’t connect. Leisure were fielding with style, some memorable Ronaldoesque footwork and Jags acrobatic aeronautics kept the scoring low. Even as Jag dropped 2 catches, sacrificing performance over style the devils remained at 78 for 10 overs. The next 10 overs still remain a mystery as the bowling pace never let up, wickets remained few and the Devils scrambled a respectable but unfathomable 151.

Leisure into bat. The opening menagerie of Parrot and mouse provided a mixed bag of tricks, Duck’s monumental Parrot offsetting a spirited 30 from Mouse, who decided Sunbathing in his sox and jox was a more preferable pastime. Pope donning a bad habit of swinging at anything and missing everything  for 2 overs. Suddenly he’s back, batting in style with a couple of decent boundaries and then caught down leg. The partnership of Prick, flopping out for a 3some and Dulux who was whitewashed left much to be desired. Suddenly Leisure are crumbling.  Cranky follows with some teasing boundaries and is almost caught. He doesn’t learn and sticks the ball straight back into the hands of the groper. Captain Dags almost makes a 1 but instead takes a plump duck. It’s left to Loose and Jag to keep feathers unruffled , Jags notably playing his last game and rounding up with a Magnificent 7, even chesting a bullet bouncer to show off his fighting prowess. In the end it wasn’t going to be and Hustler and the diminutive Mule can only prevent it all from looking too embarrassing.  124 for 9 and Leisure are left with the consolation of drinks on the bus and beer fines.

Later we all had the dubious pleasure of watching a virgin Dulux take his ceremonial gag on a Loose Prick’s beer filled box. Yuck!

Next time we’ll not steal the Sinbad as it brought us bad luck!



2012 Division Three

Sunday 24 June 2012 P W D L F A P
DPR Hot Dogs 7 6 0 1 992 865 24
Pudong DT 7 6 0 1 838 660 24
Bashers Leisure 8 6 0 2 1165 1056 24
Daredevils CC 6 2 1 3 684 728 10
Pudong D&L 7 1 1 5 625 827 6
Dulwich Knights 11 0 2 9 787 955 4
3rd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack





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