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Leisure Semi Final Lumberjack

Lumberjack written by The Chancellor Chapter 1 Prematch The short time between the crushing defeat of the Hot Dogs in the semi-final and Leisure’s date with destiny against Dulwich in the penultimate match of the season brought some strange rumblings on the Leisure Basher’s blog.

Lumberjack Leisure vs Dulwich June 11th 2017

What is a Captain's role? Some might say it is to set the field diligently, be proactive, change the bowlers and try to out think the batsmen, but as the captain of Leisure there is more to it than that. All the afore mentioned tasks can be outsourced/delegated to someone else on the field; where the Leisure captain shows his worth is in logistics…making sure there is beer, pies, getting the team to the field on time, winning the toss (or at least predicting the toss), attending fines and making sure the lumberjack is written.

Lumberjack – Leisure vs Hot Dogs 9th July 2017

Words by mouse, photos by Tampon   Bleep bleep bleep….the alarm went off. WTF, is it time to get up already? The answer, Yes!
3rd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Bashers Leisure Vs Daredevils 3rd July

Written by Spanky, edited by Parrot/Paps   Bashers assembled bright and early at the camel for the bus ride but unfortunately it wasn’t very leisurely – No Beer or pies, oh wait! There was no pies! No speeches and generally nothing of note that should be mentioned in this illustrious column.

Lumberjack Leisure Vs Dulwich 16th April 2017

Leisure met at the camel at 730ish for the trip to SRFC for the second match of the season. Square Root was making a welcome return after being back in the UK on royal engagements and was obviously excited for the match day ahead. So excited that he had got hammered the night before and at about 3am Sunday morning decided to share some delightful prose in the match Wechat group, where he effused about each team member by trying to use a characteristic of their bashers name to describe them. In the lumberjack below, names will be followed in brackets by Rooty’s 3am description of said Basher.
2nd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Pleasure vs Devils 04 Sept 2016

Pleasure lost to the devils in the last match of the season and in doing so were condemned to the bottom of the second division table and Skiddy took the mantle of worst pleasure captain ever.

Bashers Leisure vs Daredevils 03 April 2016 – Lumberjack

Wooo, the cricket season has started and the omens for the season are already good as the rain has relented and a prozzie tries to give injured captain Truffles and quick fluffing while he waits in line at the seven eleven for fags. She must’ve seen his hand was injured and that he might need some assistance.

Bashers Leisure Vs Dulwich Knights 03/09/2015 SRFC

Timbers Spanner Parrot Rolf Fingers Slag Truffles (c) Tampon Bullet Mumu Grilla
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