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Bashers Cricket Club

2018 Pre-Season Fitness Challenge

Time to get off your bums and work off the Spring Festival Baijiu sessions and be ready to rip into the cricket season.

It will be primarily a team competition. Teams will be randomly divvied up once entries close on Friday 9 February. This is to give you some small pods of Bashers with whom you can encourage and sledge onward to more steps.

The basics way it works is you each individually get points for your activity each day (midnight – midnight Shanghai time).

Most of you have step counters on your mobile devices, some of you have wristband things which do the same.

One point is scored for each 5000 steps with no partial points. So if at 11pm you’re on 8800 steps get out and do a block to get the extra point.

One point is scored for each half an hour of vigorous exercise (swimming lengths, playing rugby, cycling, working out on the Granny gym in your compound…). Masturbating and left elbow bends don’t count.

You can’t get double points for an activity. i.e. if you spend half an hour doing 5000steps on a treadmill, you don’t get two points, only one counts.

Team captains will collect stats and submit them weekly.

We’ll do a weigh in on Thursday 8th and see if any of us can drop some some of that.

You’ll also be asked to submit your pre-challenge averages so we can see who is most improved.

There will be a couple of double points days, one compulsory date to be announced later and one optional for each team to decide themselves (Decide a day your team can get together and go hard)

I’ll set up a WeChat group and each team can have their own support group chat.

Final day will be Saturday 10 March, immediately prior to the season opening sixes, by which time we should all be in tip top shape.

Get into it! International Bashers are welcome to take part.

Enter by leaving a comment below.





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