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2010 Archive

Dear the Basher Family,

There’s plenty of action remaining before the winter proper hits, just look at the upcoming events in the sidebar.

I just want to take this five minutes i have spare right now to ask you to do the same and have a look on your cameras, hard drives and phones for any Basher materials, specifically any photos from the action on and off the pitch this year. If you have anything worthy of it’s own post then go ahead and get it on here otherwise contact me by email

thanks, we don’t want these moments to be lost to history.

More to come soon from the committee on the end of season awards Bash (right committee?). If you’re a newby then all you need to know is make no other plans for the 26th of this month (and possibly a day or two after)

One way you can all potentially help them is to think about any restaurants with a room we could use for this. Last year we had 60-70pax, this year could be more. Keep it in mind and let Sir Dick know of any leads.


Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn The Bashers are so pretty





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