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1st XI Up close and personal with the Bashers

Slipping past 69; an ode to a semi

'Twas early morn, not yet past six,but the cervine one was ready to eclipse. In runs scored, in kunt rate measured,He'd eclipse those in Business, and in Leisure.


We have lost one of our own. CCXII Steve "Poppy" Field has passed and we miss him. We will not lose our memories of his time with us though. Share yours in the comments below.

Cranky’s Half Century

The Ballad of Roland Heath

39, early SeptemberThe call was out, history remembersEach Munkton man was a contenderExcepting one with his disfigured member

New Basher Jack William Rowell

Megan and i are very proud to welcome the arrival of new basher Jack William Rowell. Born 4 weeks early on Tuesday 13th at 9.33am and  2.33 kg . Megan is recovering well.

Sharapova features in BBC article

Our very own Chinese national captain, Sharapova, featured recently in this article on the BBC - nicely spotted by Post-Op and Dags!
Up close and personal with the Bashers


To all Bashers I have either played with or drunk with (only Mei Hua has not drunk beers) many thanks for a lot of fun and to all the Leisure guys I really appreciate how well you looked after the Mule. Best cricket club on the Planet by a country mile. Lets face it any cricket club that loses to Scottish teams deserves ultimate respect particularly when the English numpties don't front up to the cricket challenge.

Guess the Bashers?

Guess The Basher !!

Was staying at the Hyatt in Chennai India last week and came across this statue in the bar......Basher names only when you Guess who this lengend is in India (I asked the manager of the Hyatt and he said the status was in honor of the greatest cricketer India has produced, was better than the great Tendulkar) !!
3rd XI Up close and personal with the Bashers Beer

Madein’s Testimonial Match

As all the important people in the world know, I'm leaving Shanghai/China this coming weekend. From next month onwards, I will be applying my trade in Bogota, Colombia. Interpret my trade as whatever you want, its probably close enough to the truth.
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