521/SH Breakfast Champion 360 Gradi Indian Kitchen Vicston

Bashers Cricket Club

Skid Row

Qingdao Beer Festival Tour

Businessmen vs KK

You smell that? That's the start of another Bashers season. That means pies, beer, cricket and victory!

Square Root & the P(B)itch – Pleasure vs. Digital Devils

After kicking off the season with a loss against the leapords, Bashers Pleasure was looking forward to game#2 of the season against the digital devils.


#RunOutGate (Tuna Tossers) Australia vs. India (Customer Service) Tough call for noob Basher Damascus to make!

Thrilla in Manila (aka Philippines 6s Lumberjack)


Pleasure crush the Devils enroute to the final

Pleasure reached the final in style last Sunday as fluffer used his bat and face to score a match-winning 100, with Swoop scooping 4 wickets.
2nd XI

Leapord can’t change its spots!

The big game of will he or won't he. The morning started with "will Skiddy and Bambi get on the leisure bus to support the boys and sledge the dirty doggies?" - They won't. The after effects of Kakadu Free flow and DJ Beast combined with "alarm not going off" to be blamed. Shit excuse of the year goes to Bambi.
2nd XI Hands Up!

Team for Pleasure vs. Leapords/China Zalmi

After much deliberation and discussion, the team for this Saturday has been picked.  
2nd XI Hands Up!

Team for Pleasure vs Hangzhou

Just the one game this weekend, and it's a big one! Pleasure take on the top of the table side from Hangzhou.

Lumberjack – Pleasure vs. Hot Dogs Part 2

How to enjoy the Shanghai Dog Meat festival. A comprehensive guide. Step 1: Arrive last minute at the ground and take your own sweet time getting on the field.
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