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Bashers Cricket Club

Bashers All-Star Quiz Night!!!


EVENT: Bashers All Star Quiz Night + Cricket World Cup Sweepstake
DATE & TIME: Thursday, 5 February at 7pm
COST: 100rmb gets you in the Quiz (with a team of 4-5), and 100rmb a team or 200rmb for 3 teams gets you in on the Cricket World Cup Sweepstake
PRIZES: We have some great MEAT TRAYS and some bottles of WINE as prizes for the Quiz, and some additional bottles on offer for the Sweepstake. Hard-on has also generously donated a prize to use his wife’s selfie studio (you take the shots in a professional photographic studio) – a great way to get some family photos!

thursday drinks

Mouse and the Committee have been busy organizing a quiz night of epic proportions at the Camel to kick-off the season of 2015! Quiz-master Birdshit will have questions from a number of veteran Bashers, as well as a few of his own (S.S. is not involved in any questions). You won’t want to miss out on a great night of fun, with great prizes, not to mention a Cricket World Cup Sweepstake as well, so get down to the Camel after work.

Basher shot

It’s also a good chance to pay your 2015 season subs of 2500rmb (pay to our new treasurer Truffles), to help the club pay our ground fees for the year, and try the 2015 Bashers shot, if those who selected it last week can remember the recipe! So dust off your BLAZER and get amongst it!!!





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