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Bashers Cricket Club

2017 Basher’s AGM & Awards – Nov 25th

The end of season event not to be missed!

A ) Lunch at D.O.C, starting at 12:30pm with a 2 course shared menu and 2 hour of free flow, free for all  members, their partners and kids.

Cost for anyone who isn’t a  fully paid member – 300rmb p/p

B) Lunch will be followed by a ‘Leisurely’ walk , stumble, or crawl to The Camel for end of season Awards presentation

C) Continue to drink copious amounts of alcohol, fall over, go home, and dream about next season!!!


What is required from you is to:

  1. Guarantee you are a fully paid member by November 15
  2. Visit tailor and purchase Blazer  @ Longdong!
  3. Purchase pocket square from The Minister of Merch (only with Bashers Blazer)
  4. Publish your “Availability” and any +1s below
  5. Read last year’s categories for awards which can be found at
  6. Send Birdie  your nominations (create one if you wish) for awards to

How to get a Blazer
The blazer is the quintessential Bashers accessory, and it is must-have attire for the End of Season. First, you’ll need your Bashers cap number in roman numerals, and then head to the Fabric Market on Lujiabang Lu (near the Nanpu Bridge) and go to our tailor. Recent pricing suggests 500rmb for the Blazer and a 10 day production timeline, so don’t leave it too late!





@ D.O.C.



5 Dongping Rd
(Near Hengshan Rd)
Shanghai, China

+86 (21) 6473 9394

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