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Sunday 11 March

Bashers Season Launch 2018

Much to the joy of our wives and partners, the 2018 season is fast approaching. To mark the new season and give our new recruits a much-needed runout, the season launch will involve a net session and sixes tournament followed by beverages aplenty at our new sponsor bar, Cages.

Nanjing Form Guide and Auction Results

Players for the Nanjing Rural Sixes 2017 were auctioned off last night to the two captains with a five million Basher bucks salary cap.
Short attention span cricket Road Trip!

Xiamen – Summer of 6s9

The day starts well with a cracking breakfast. Some treacherous Basher Ks were apparently eating breakfast with Racist Rory from Nanjing, so Bambi and Pussy sent him packing and sat down next to Paps and Rooty for an all-you-can-eat session. Oh yes.

Philippines Sixes 2016 Lumberjacks

So many memories, most forgotten. The following is a team effort lumberjack following the fortunes of the remarkable band of Bashers who ventured to the Philippines in November 2016 for cricket and other activities.

The Bashers at the Nanjing Rural Sixes 2016

Friday Night The touring party of 12 Bashers made their way to Nanjing on Friday night, with 2 reinforcements arriving on Saturday morning (Tyrone R. and B.S. posting cocktail selfies as they passed Wuxi at 7.30am).

Winter Indoor League Closed Down…

SAD NEWS - THE ARENA IS CLOSING ON 1 DECEMBER, SO THERE WILL BE NO WINTER LEAGUE... Looks like we're good to go - we've got enough support to enter a team into the competition!

Bashers Sixes Day Results, 27 September

The Bashers Sixes Day was a fantastic event (even if the esky was empty by 10.30am). We'll need to make this a regular fixture in the Bashers calendar!

Bashers Cricket Club Sixes Day!!!

1. GENERAL INFORMATION Where: Wellington College When: Bus will leave the Camel Puxi at 7.45am on Sunday 27 September

Lumberjack – Suzhou Sixes, 21st June 2015

Suzhou Sixes, 21 June 2015 With SS out of action, due to too much wizard tea the night before, Tucker stepped up to skipper the side. Someone won the toss then we bowled first. A few last checks on the rules (no LBWs, basically no wides either) then we were off into...

Suzhou Sixes Final Commentary

Sharapova and Pope are on lumberjack duties for the tour, but here is the audio pieced together from the wechat group.

Bashers Squad for the SCC Sixes – UPDATED

Dates: Saturday 1 & Sunday 2 November Time: Games start at 8am both days, and finish around 4.30pm (Bashers only have a small bus leaving the Camel at 7am, and coming back at 4.30pm - we need to thank our sponsor with a big night at the Camel on Sunday after the competition ends).
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