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Bashers Cricket Club

Bashers Social Sixes Lumberjack, 1 December 2013

Bashers 112 vs Hot Dogs 57

The Bashers Social Sixes continued their winning form, with a strong performance against the Hot Dogs, to go to the top of the league table! So thanks to Long Dong who stood in as skipper, and the Bashers who turned up to play (especially those who doubled up for the Mongrels). I’ve had to report solely from the game data provided by Filthy, so please excuse the lack of detail!

Hot Dogs Partnership 1: 18
New Basher, Smithy (3/4 off 2 overs), from Lamma CC in HK, opened up with two good overs, and was well supported by Paps (0/6 off 1 over) and Sick Note (1/8 off 1 over).

Hot Dogs Partnership 2: 17
This partnership included the Anti-Basher, so it was good to see the Bashers Social Sixes step up and put in some good bowling. Post-Op (0/6 off 2 overs), Paps (0/10 off 1 over) and Sick Note (1/1 off 1 over) contained the batsmen well and bowled a lot of dot balls.

Hot Dogs Partnership 3: 22
Poppy (1/11 off 2 overs) and Long Dong (1/11 off 2 overs) produced identical figures, and never allowed the batsmen to score more than 2 runs. That gave the Hot Dogs a relatively middling total of 57, and the Bashers Social Sixes were right in the game.

Sick Note (34) & Smithy (14): 48
Sick Note produced a mammoth innings of 34 runs, scoring off every delivery, including 5s and 7s down the ground. He was well supported by Smithy, who gave away a catch off his first legitimate delivery, and their partnership set up the win.

Paps (11) & Post-Op (11): 22
Despite a few run outs and catches, Paps and Post-Op took the score past the Hot Dogs total in the 8th over as Post-Op finished with a stylish 7.

Poppy (27) & Long Dong (15): 42
The pressure on the Hot Dogs bowlers told as they failed to restrict the final partnership of Poppy and Long Dong (even bowling 4 LS wides and 2 NBs).

So in the end it was a comfortable win to the Bashers Social Sixes by 55 runs, dominated by an all-round effort by Sick Note and a notable Bashers debut from Smithy.

Mongrels 64 vs Pudong 66

Unfortunately, the Mongrels (the rebel Bashers team) were not able to pull a win out of the bag defending a low score for the second match in a row. The difference between the sides was probably the partnership between Korean and Long Dong (-14), which included no fewer than 5 run outs. The Mongrels kept in the match with some good bowling, until the final over when Pudong passed their score with 1 delivery to spare and Poppy couldn’t come up with a wicket for the win.

Parrot’s Xiamen Wedding

Finally, congratulations to Parrot and his lovely bride, Amy. Here are a some photos from the wedding and the tourist visit to the local Tulou houses.

Congratulations to Parrot & Amy!

Congratulations to Parrot & Amy!

Shitshoes & Parrot enjoying the festivities!

Shitshoes & Parrot enjoying the festivities!

The local Tulou houses of Fujian province.

The local Tulou houses of Fujian province.

Bashers Tourists inside a Tulou house.

Bashers Tourists inside a Tulou house.

The Bashers are so pretty





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