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Bashers Cricket Club

Skid Row

Thrilla in Manila (aka Philippines 6s Lumberjack)

Day 0/1 It was that time again, Philippines 6s! Birdy and Skiddy met up at the camel for some pre tour drinks and to chill the road beers that Birdy was carrying. Nuts and the man formerly known as Bambi joined for some beers. This author has never seen a grown man look as gutted and disappointed as Bambi was that night. With his passport in tow, and Skiddy and Birdy encouraging him to buy a ticket at the airport, Bambi considered it for a fleeting moment, before muttering "I have to work", as the joy and glimmer of life disappeared from his eyes, like a kid who just dropped his ice cream.

Pleasure crush the Devils enroute to the final

Pleasure reached the final in style last Sunday as fluffer used his bat and face to score a match-winning 100, with Swoop scooping 4 wickets.
2nd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Leapord can’t change its spots!

The big game of will he or won't he. The morning started with "will Skiddy and Bambi get on the leisure bus to support the boys and sledge the dirty doggies?" - They won't. The after effects of Kakadu Free flow and DJ Beast combined with "alarm not going off" to be blamed. Shit excuse of the year goes to Bambi.
2nd XI Hands Up!

Team for Pleasure vs. Leapords/China Zalmi

After much deliberation and discussion, the team for this Saturday has been picked.  
2nd XI Hands Up!

Team for Pleasure vs Hangzhou

Just the one game this weekend, and it's a big one! Pleasure take on the top of the table side from Hangzhou.

Lumberjack – Pleasure vs. Hot Dogs Part 2

How to enjoy the Shanghai Dog Meat festival. A comprehensive guide. Step 1: Arrive last minute at the ground and take your own sweet time getting on the field.
3rd XI 2nd XI

Teams for Dirty Doggie Double Super Sunday

Finally we have two full teams for the Dirty Doggie Double Super Sunday! Let's make it 2 wins on the day! Hopefully the weather will stay clear.
3rd XI 2nd XI

Dirty Doggie Super Sunday!

This Sunday, Leisure takes on the Hot Dogs bright and early at 8:30 am. Pleasure in a repeat fixture will look to get another win against the Hot Dogs in the afternoon. Post your availability below!
1st XI 3rd XI 2nd XI

Teams for the Triple Header Weekend

Thanks to all who signed up and especially to those doubling up over the weekend! Hopefully the weather will hold up and we'll get games in.

Bashers Quiz Night – Update

Once the fogginess from one too many Fireballs and Ciders consumed on Thursday cleared, it was quickly replaced by another kind of a high - the high of having accomplished something amazing & having made a difference.
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