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Bashers Cricket Club

2014 August

2nd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Pleasure Lumberjack, 24 August

Pleasure vs Pudong, 24 August The morning dawned bright and clear, with that certain flavour of humidity that brings Shanghai to life. It didn't wake up Tantric, or answer his phone, but Bullet was on time (although on the wrong day) to step into the XI.
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Weekend Teams, 1st Draft

We are still short on both days, and it looks likely some Pleasure will need to double up on Sunday. If you're not on the list, but keen, then post below and if you know anyone who might be keen, invite them as well.

Cricket is Back in America

I guess The Atlantic got wind of all the Bashers who have recently relocated to the States; cricket is apparently undergoing a quiet resurgence in the U.S. this summer.
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Weekend Teams

Business vs Daredevils, 8.30am Saturday (7.15am bus) 1 Stats 2 Paps 3 Poppy 4 A Trois 5 Leppa
3rd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Leisure “25ers” vs Pudong Lumberjack, 3 August

Lumberjack – Div3 - Bashers Leisure "25ers" ‘v’ Pudong Power Date: 3rd August 2014 Team:
1st XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Bashers Business vs Pudong Power, 3 Aug 2014

Bashers Business vs Pudong Power, 40 over game, 3 Aug 2014 And so it was back into the long version of the game after 5 or 6 weeks of T20 action. In the week before the game, we struggled for numbers. It’s still Summer holidays and people are away, but the list of usual Business players not available this weekend was long…
1st XI 3rd XI Hands Up!

Bashers Teams this Weekend

Leisure vs Pudong 1. Dags 2. Spanner 3. Truffles 4. Gear 5. Mouse 6. Mouse's friend 7. Sharapova
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