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Tank’s 2017 End of Season Message

The Anti-Basher Bashed!

Just a little taste of what is in store for the rest of the league this year...

Cricket is Back in America

I guess The Atlantic got wind of all the Bashers who have recently relocated to the States; cricket is apparently undergoing a quiet resurgence in the U.S. this summer.

Match Report: Leisure vs Pudong

The first match of the 2014 season saw Leisure up against defending champion Pudong. Looking to exact some revenge for the 2013 final, and choosing from a inordinately large collection of players all vying for a spot in the first game of the season, Dags was not afraid to throw two debutants into the fire.

The Sydney Cricket Ground Converts for Baseball

Watch as the Sydney Cricket Ground is converted for the first two games of the 2014 Major League Baseball Season.
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn

The Birth of the Lumberjack

Here is how the Lumberjack was born. Hopefully this will inspire some makeup lumberjacking for this season.
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn

Where Have All the Lumberjacks Gone?

It seems that only Filthy is writing lumberjacks these days. This is not very Basher-like! Come on Pleasure and Leisure (and the rest of the Business), step up and deliver!

Pleasure Lumberjack: Pudong v Bashers, April 14

The 2013 Pleasure Campaign began in the early dawn hours on Sunday. The team assembled at the Camel, Korean making sure to see if Long Dong had done everything that was needed to prepare for the game. “I’m the captain on the field, I’ve got to concentrate on strategy,” was his response.
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Bashers End of Season Awards Dinner and AGM

UPDATE!!! Please let us know ASAP  if you will be making the End of The Season so we can keep track of the numbers!

How to Play Cricket: A Guide for Americans

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