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danny morrison

The Saint’s Shout-out

Doing radio commentary for the test at the Gabba today Bryan Waddle and our Patron Danny Morrison give some love to the Bashers.

Like Chocolate for Women

Kim Morrison

The Saint on the Mic needs our help

Calling all clever bastards. Everybody wake up! Our own patron Danny Morrison has been contracted to lend his expertise and vocals to commentate in the upcoming IPL. He needs our help with some original chirps to pull out for those spectacular plays. Hardly anyone could sound more Basher-like than D-Man already does but come on ya pissheads, get amongst it, ya mongrels, herein lies the challenge to the Bashers, lets get on the underwood and come up with some gems for our little over-achieving friend. Submit away below. If your line gets used by the big little guy Loosey will buy a round.

Bashers Cock-tail | D-Man Morrison!

LISTEN UP HERE YA PISSHEADS! 1. Take a bottle of Captain Morgan's Rum, preferably stolen or procured through grey means.
On-Air stupidity

Bashers Broadcast Episode Fifteen

Wow! No prizes for guessing our guest Basher this time! Not a cast for the beginner but plenty in there for everyone. Don't get lost in the twisting plot of this eposode as we go from the Big Bamboo and time travel back to Waigaoqiao for the sixes.

6’s Players Welcome Pissa/Party: Friday 8PM Malones Thumb Plaza

.... is that the longest title ever? Possibly. Anyways, The SCC are holding the Welcome Drinks this Friday at Thumb Plaza from 8PM.  Players from all teams are invited to partake in the looseness that will be going down. See details below:
On-Air stupidity

Bashers Broadcast – Episode Three

Here it is. Late but worth the wait.
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