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show the love Peroni Deal!!! – Franky Li is a supplier

G'day Bashers, Good news - more choices of beer from our #1 supplier - Below details on the deal if you're purchasing other beers with him, or, I do believe he has a good price on sending them out by the carton as well.
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Yes - you read it right... Our sponsors at 31Jiu are giving away a case of celt beer and 6 celt beer glasses with every two cases of any beer purchased...

More 免费啤酒!!!! Last week to get your Crownie Deal

Crownies 2 for the price of one!

Bashers Bush Update Jan 2013

As you all should know the Bashers do a lot of work to support Roots and Shoots and the Million Tree project. This year was a big year for the project with it reaching its first million tree goal.

HOWZAT! – Kerry Packer and World Series Cricket @ The Camel

Our wounderful sponsors are putting on a special presentation of the hit Aussie TV Series HOWZAT! - Kerry Packer and World Series Cricket
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn show the love

Vote for The Camel in the That’s Shanghai Food and Drink Awards

Bashers! The time is now to get behind our bar and vote for them in  That's Shanghai Food and Drink Awards.


  U Feeling Lucky??? I AM!!!

Swire Vs HSBC Centenary Game @ SRFC 21st April 9:00am

This is an oppertunity to show our love and support to one of our great sponsors and be part of sporting history.
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Swire and a bit of history FYI

In a moment of madness my company Swire Group agreed to be a Bashers sponsor this year. Having said that there is method behind the madness. Swire has a history in Shanghai going back 147 years during which it has provided a number of former Past Presidents of the Shanghai Cricket Club and Shanghai Rugby Club as well as a few Interport team captains. Up and until 1948 we played cricket, football and rugby matches on a regular basis. Our greatest sporting rivals at the time were HSBC, Jardines and British American Tobacco. This year Swire ("Taikoo") and HSBC ("Wayfoong") celebrate a Centenary of sporting rivalry on the rugby field (the cricket goes back to 1899) and to mark the event we are rekindling the old Taipans Trophy with a cricket game and rugby game against each other later this month at the SRFC. The significance of the event has not been lost on the Shanghai Govt as it looks like the Mayor will pop out for a while.
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