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Olimpico Quiz Results

Everyone's a winner baby. It was a tight run thing, with the cut-throat sudden death round and wildcard selections deciding the Gold.

Bashers in the Olympics

The undoubted star of the Rio opening ceremony was this bloke planting a tree while Dame Judi read a poem. Nice Hat.
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn Champs! The Opinionators Favourite Section Beer

Bashers All Time Drinking XI

Who do you want in your drinking team?

T20 World Cup 2016 Sweepstakes

Oman - Swoop Hong Kong - Birdshit Netherlands - Japseye Scotland - Korean Afghanistan - Sharapova

Bashers All Time XI Voting

Who would you want on your greatest Bashers All Time XI? Vote Now!
The Bashers are so pretty Road Trip!

Shit Shoes’ Highlights Clips 2015

Nanjing Stixes

RWC Tipping Comp

Get Picking. Pool name: Bashers

Phil Hughes

Australian Cricketer Phil Hughes died today, three days before turning 26. I read this news while I was meant to be working on the Bashers awards presentation for this Saturday. If this years awards are a little lacking then I apologise, I was distracted and shaken by the news.

Award nominations 2014

Happy November Bashers. Hope you all enjoyed the season. I'd like a moment of your attention to help me compile this years awards to be presented at the Final Fines session on November 29.
The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Haiku of dross. Bashers “Stupid” lose to Leopards

This is a team lumberjack. Written by a losing team. Yes, lumberjacks should be written when we lose too. Don't remember how it came about exactly but each of the 12 have been tasked with writing a haiku to sum up a day when all but one Basher had their worst performance of the season on the same day.
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