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Bashers Cricket Club

2017 May

Nanjing Form Guide and Auction Results

Players for the Nanjing Rural Sixes 2017 were auctioned off last night to the two captains with a five million Basher bucks salary cap.

Lumberjack – Leisure V Wellington Sunday 14th May

The Leisure XI gathered, bleary-eyed, at The Camel for a match against Wellington early on Sunday 14th May. Pies and beers spread their way around the bus as the Bashers regaled stories from the previous evening. Bhenchod’s attempt and failure to build cross-class relations with a resident of Hull and Rash’s sleep in the park after being locked out were particular highlights. The bus journey flew by and after much hilarity, The Bashers arrived at SRFC eager for victory.

Pirates vs Shangzhen

The Pirates opened their campaign in the SCA T20 League with a loss to Shangzhen (Shanghai University of Political Science and Law) on the weekend. New Pirates skipper, Shitshoes, lost the toss and was asked to bat first on a hot summers morning at Tongji University.

Pirates T20 League

SCA T20 League 2017 This is a historic weekend for the Shanghai Cricket Club, as one of our representative teams, the Pirates, plays its first match in the new SCA T20 League this year.

Lumberjack Leisure Vs Dulwich 16th April 2017

Leisure met at the camel at 730ish for the trip to SRFC for the second match of the season. Square Root was making a welcome return after being back in the UK on royal engagements and was obviously excited for the match day ahead. So excited that he had got hammered the night before and at about 3am Sunday morning decided to share some delightful prose in the match Wechat group, where he effused about each team member by trying to use a characteristic of their bashers name to describe them. In the lumberjack below, names will be followed in brackets by Rooty’s 3am description of said Basher.
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