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Bashers Cricket Club

2016 August

2nd XI Hands Up!

Team for Pleasure vs Dulwich

Team for Sunday's 8.30am game at SCSC is: Skid Row Pussy Sharapova Bambi Korean
1st XI Hands Up!

Business team vs K2

The team for Sunday's 12.30pm game at the SCSC vs K2 is: Cassius Square Root Fruitbox

Olimpico Quiz Results

Everyone's a winner baby. It was a tight run thing, with the cut-throat sudden death round and wildcard selections deciding the Gold.
2nd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Leopards V Bashers 14th Aug, 2016

An early start (8.30) for Pleasure who were due to play top of the table Leopards. The Bashers consisted of established Pleasure players, some from Business and some from Leisure; some with experience and some new to the club.
2nd XI Hands Up!

Pleasure team for Sunday

The team for Sunday's 8am game at the SCSC is: Skid Row Frisbee Bambi Fruitbox Korean
1st XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Business Lumberjack vs Devils

Lumberjack courtesy of Fruitbox Business lost on Sunday to an under strength Devils team. Bowled and fielded well, barring one exception. Batted atrociously, barring one exception. Please feel free to stop reading.
3rd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Lumberjack Leisure Vs Pudong 7 August 2012

A glorious morning for cricket as a few ‘bag in hole’ hangovers were on their way to the Camel.

Bashers in the Olympics

The undoubted star of the Rio opening ceremony was this bloke planting a tree while Dame Judi read a poem. Nice Hat.
1st XI 3rd XI Hands Up!

Teams for Sunday

The teams for Sunday are as follows: Leisure vs Pudong - 8.30am @ SCSC (7am bus) Omega (c)
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