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Bashers Cricket Club

2016 April

The number of the Dong

Swoop shows off his inner rock god in the pre-match photo

Pleasure and Rain

Some things are better when wet; beer, sails, vaginas, but not necessarily cricket.  

Bashers Leisure v Pudong 24 Apr Lumberjack

Leisure took on Pudong, our great rivals in D3. The morning started off disapointingly for Truffles as he trundled down to The Camel a few minutes early to meet his Sunday morning fluffer out on the front steps but alas this week there was no pre-game warm up and we all hoped the day would improve from there.
1st XI 3rd XI 2nd XI Hands Up!

Teams for this weekend!

The teams for this weekend's triple header are as follows: Pleasure - Saturday @ Wellington 1pm (Bus to leave from The Camel at 12pm)


Bashers Leisure Vs. Hot Dogs on LAST SUNDAY (I may of fucked up names in this LUMBER JACK. If you find an error, imagine its not there)
1st XI 3rd XI Hands Up!

Teams for Sunday 10th

The teams for this weekend's doggie double are as follows:

Bashers Leisure vs Daredevils 03 April 2016 – Lumberjack

Wooo, the cricket season has started and the omens for the season are already good as the rain has relented and a prozzie tries to give injured captain Truffles and quick fluffing while he waits in line at the seven eleven for fags. She must’ve seen his hand was injured and that he might need some assistance.
3rd XI 2nd XI Hands Up!

Teams for Sunday 3rd

Teams for the games on Sunday against the Daredevils are posted below. Full of new Bashers and excited to start the season! Two 12 man squads where 12th man will be decided at the ground.
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