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Bashers Cricket Club

2015 June

Pleasure vs Dirty Doggies, 27 June 2015

Bashers Pleasure vs Hot Dogs, 27.06.2015 Rain was forecast, and rain was duly delivered. With Trucks not allowed out in the rain thanks to a nasty vaginal infection, Truffles was called upon to fill the void. However, he was now out shopping as he had forgotten party poppers for his BBQ, so instead chose the role of party pooper. With only an hours notice, Bullet valiantly stepped up to ensure the Bashers would go into battle at full strength.

Bashers AFL Jumper – Another Order?

Second Order: The first order of these fine garments arrived to a positive reception at last night's drinks. Shrek and T-bag are keen to get another order going, and to do that we need a minimum order size of 15 (so 13 more).
1st XI 2nd XI Hands Up!

Weekend Teams for Pleasure and Business

Bashers Pleasure vs Hot Dogs, 1pm at Wellington College (Bus from Puxi Camel at 11.30am) 1. Swoop (c)

Lumberjack – Suzhou Sixes, 21st June 2015

Suzhou Sixes, 21 June 2015 With SS out of action, due to too much wizard tea the night before, Tucker stepped up to skipper the side. Someone won the toss then we bowled first. A few last checks on the rules (no LBWs, basically no wides either) then we were off into...

Suzhou Sixes Final Commentary

Sharapova and Pope are on lumberjack duties for the tour, but here is the audio pieced together from the wechat group.

Bashers Polos – Last 6 in Large Only!!!

The stylish Bashers polo shirts are now available in a range of six colours: white, yellow, orange, red, blue, and navy for the bargain price of 120rmb. The polos feature a minimalist Basher logo on the left chest, and our blog website on the right sleeve, as designed by Birdshit, one of our club legends.
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn Cricket Shanghai Hands Up!

SCC Summer T20 League

The SCC is doing something different this year for the Summer T20 League. The league will run from 11-12 July until 2-3 August 2015.

Beijing beat SCC Dragons to retain China Cup, 7 July ’15

Beijing 206/4 defeated the Shanghai Dragons 203 all out A couple of weekends back, the SCC sent a Dragons (1st XI) touring team to Beijing to attempt to win back the China Cup (won by Beijing after a shocker from SCC last year saw them start a home game with only 10 players). Cassius and Square Root were part of the squad, but only Cassius played in the final XI.
3rd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Leisure v Dulwich Knights, Sunday 14th June 2015

If I was Shakespeare then this Lumberjack would be creative, elegent and worth reading, however, I'm not, so if you don't like it then write it yourself next time.
1st XI 3rd XI Hands Up!

Teams: Leisure vs Dulwich, Business vs Daredevils, 14 June 2015

We had an overwhelming response for the matches this weekend, so there were plenty of tough (and last minute) selection decisions. We're up against two good teams this weekend, so lets get out there and show that we've got some game!
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