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Bashers Cricket Club

2015 March

1st XI 3rd XI 2nd XI Hands Up!

Bashers President’s XI to play T20 against Songjiang University, Sat 12 noon

There was a mass availability for this match, so thanks to all Bashers for putting their hands up! After a difficult selection process based on talent, skill, earliest date of availability, and subs paid, we have selected the following side:

Lumberjack- Pleasure vs. Hotdogs- Game 1- 21/03/2015

Prologue Shit Shoes’ idea of a ‘stock-take’ involved dumping all the kit on the floor and watching the New Zealand game which resulted in Frodo (who did not acquire the name through an abundance of inches) being handed an L sized shirt. By the time the club captain had located the smaller sizes: Martin Guptil had scored 100 runs; G’rilla was getting into his 4th pint; and Frodo, donning his oversized attire, had already taken a crap in The Camel toilets. Thus the bond between man and shirt had been forged, forever inseparable.
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Lumberjack – Leisure Vs Pudong Game 1.

Lumberjack – Leisure Vs Pudong March 22, 2014 at Wellington College A lovely sunny day greeted the leisure players as they left their homes for the Camel to catch the Mini bus to Wellington. After squeezing the gear and players onto the bus a fairly non eventful trip (the esky buried under mounds of gear) we arrived with an hour 15 minutes prior to the arranged start time (note to captains for next time!) we took in our MCG sized field complete with boundary rope and settled into some catching and dropping practice on the dewey grass.
3rd XI 2nd XI Hands Up!

Pleasure (Sat) & Leisure (Sun) Teams are still on, Club Training is now cancelled

Here they are, the first Bashers teams of the season of 2015! Thanks to those putting their hand up on such short notice. We have a few new Bashers this weekend, which is great. Anyone wondering about whites can rest at ease, as the club store room at the Camel has leftover shirts from last season, caps, jerseys, training jackets (mostly M unfortunately) and trousers for 100RMB each - so just get along to the Camel early to sort those out.
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Bashers, This year we ALL need to individually sign up to play at the SCSC. It basically means you agree to the SCSC ground rules (and I've read the conditions and there isn't much in there). It is free, it is easy, and it'll make sure you get a SCSC card to buy food and beverages at the clubhouse.

Gaelic Report, 7th March

The Bashers Gaelic Team included: Stats, Shit Shoes, Messi, Miyagi, Korean, Cassius, Pope, and Tantric, plus some ringers as well. It was a beautiful day, if with a crisp breeze, and we had a lot of fun.

Bashers Slayers Lumberjack, 1 March

Bashers Slayers Lumberjack It's taken a while to get the scorecards from the arena, hence the slight delay in posting the match reports. This was a classic Chinese one-day weekend, and the Slayers were struggling for numbers until Messi and Parrot chirped that they would play late in the day before the match up. I should also like to mention that Hardon put his name forward at Bashers drinks on Thursday, and had to be reminded that he was playing on match day!

Bowled Over – Bashers make the Global Times!

Global Times met with some of the Bashers to discuss cricket in Shanghai over drinks before Chinese New Year. I think the main reason was because the Cricket World Cup was just starting in NZ and Australia (but it could also have been a very slow news week). Anyway, after meeting Shit Shoes and Korean, and then wechating with Sharapova, the reporter came up with this article.
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