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Bashers Cricket Club

2014 July

Bashers Bash Off Lumberjack – Tiny’s Testimonial XI vs Latex’s Invitational XI

So, the day of reckoning was upon us - Sunday 27th was the date and served as a farewell game for 2 Bashers players in particular, of which one was AWOL and their families'. Tim 'Tiny' O 'Connell was to take to the field for the last time for Bashers in Shanghai.
Hands Up!

Weekend Bash-Off Teams

The Great Bash-Off
show the love Peroni Deal!!! – Franky Li is a supplier

G'day Bashers, Good news - more choices of beer from our #1 supplier - Below details on the deal if you're purchasing other beers with him, or, I do believe he has a good price on sending them out by the carton as well.
1st XI 3rd XI 2nd XI Hands Up!

Bashers Teams for the Weekend

Bashers A vs Pudong A Bus leaves the Camel at 8am on Saturday, and the game starts at 9am.

Bashers Sweepstakes Prizes

It's business time in the World Cup and now is the time to lock in the prizes. The final match will determine the first and second place prizes!
1st XI 3rd XI 2nd XI Hands Up!

Bashers Teams for the Weekend

Bashers B vs Hot Dogs B Saturday 9am (Bus leaves Camel at 8am) 1. Post-op (c) 2. Paps 3. Tiny
The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Haiku of dross. Bashers “Stupid” lose to Leopards

This is a team lumberjack. Written by a losing team. Yes, lumberjacks should be written when we lose too. Don't remember how it came about exactly but each of the 12 have been tasked with writing a haiku to sum up a day when all but one Basher had their worst performance of the season on the same day.
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