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Bashers Cricket Club

2014 June

Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn Hands Up!

Mid-Summer T20 Squads

There is some flexibility in these squads, as only about 10 Bashers replied to the recent Broadcast. The rules also allow 2 players in each XI from the other squad, but this will be used sparingly.
1st XI Hands Up!

Business Squad

The Business squad for Sunday is: Phil Childs Kevin Wright Duncan Cockburn Ollie Austin*
2nd XI Hands Up!

Pleasure Squad

Here are the 12 most awesome representing Pleasure this weekend against the Leopards. Cheers to all that put their name down, make sure your phones are on over the weekend. It looks like rain, but last time it was 100% chance of rain, it didn't, so be ready to go Sunday...and who doesn't like it when it's moist???"
1st XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Lumberjack: Business v K2, June 15 2014

Business played K2 for the second time this season, hoping to perform much better than the first time. There was a new Basher (Scoop) and a number of players stepping up from D2 including Pleasure captain Swoop and Business debutants Ringer and Hollywood. Sir Dick was also there for his first game in two years as a late replacement for the injured Tubby.
1st XI 3rd XI Hands Up!

Bashers Squads for Sunday

Leisure – Bus leaves at 7.15am 1. Dags 2. Cranky 3. Woodstock 4. Spanner 5. Mouse 6. Mark TBC Kennedy
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Bashers World Cup Sweepstakes

Here we go, its time to sign up for the legendary Bashers World Cup Sweepstakes. This time round the committee have put together some great prizes for the top three finishers from our great sponsors and partners around Shanghai. The big draw will take place at BASHERS DRINKS on Thursday 12th at 9pm, the eve of the opening game at 4am the following Friday morning.
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