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Bashers Cricket Club

2013 December

Bashers Social Sixes Lumberjack, 15 December

Shitshoes, Dags, Satchel, Mayank (Satchel's Dad), Birdshit, and Paps/Dot (Dot let Paps bat for him before he showed up) assembled at the Arena (at the last possible moment) for the final two matches of the year for the Bashers Social Sixes. Dags was able to award Satchel with his Leisure Bowler of the Year Award - congratulations to Satchel!

Bashers Social Sixes Lumberjack, 8 December

BASHERS 73 vs HOT DOGS 48 Another win for the Bashers Social Sixes against our old rivals the Hot Dogs, to make it three wins in a row (out of three games played) in the indoor league.

Bashers Social Sixes Lumberjack, 1 December 2013

Bashers 112 vs Hot Dogs 57 The Bashers Social Sixes continued their winning form, with a strong performance against the Hot Dogs, to go to the top of the league table! So thanks to Long Dong who stood in as skipper, and the Bashers who turned up to play (especially those who doubled up for the Mongrels). I've had to report solely from the game data provided by Filthy, so please excuse the lack of detail!

Bashers CC indoor shirts

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