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Bashers Cricket Club

2013 October

Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn Champs!

Awards Nominations 2013

We've got a couple of extra weeks this year but there is much to be done. You have of course all marked your calendars for November 22nd. The Final Fines is always a massive night and all but compulsory for all Bashers and Geishas.

The Bashers Season of Outrageous Fortune

Bashers + Geishas It's now time for you to forward your pics + vids to me for the end of season video to be premiered at the AGM on the 22nd... So please email/drop-box your classic photos of Bashers events, games, any team photos, any Bashers initiations, anyone making a pit-stop or using a Pee-cup, with the exception of Woodstock's photos at Sinbad's 4th Farewell Party (or was it the 5th)... I don't have any record of the awesome Spring Boat Trip earlier in the year - so hopefully someone wasn't enjoying the VIP champagne as much as me and took a few pics!

Well done Leisure!

A great performance all round yesterday. We were in control from the start. Final date will be confirmed shortly.
3rd XI Hands Up!

Leisure Semi-final Squad for Sunday Afternoon

The Leisure game is now in the afternoon with a 2pm start. The bus will depart from the Camel at 12 midday - supporters encouraged.

Sinbad is Premier

Sinbad jumping on the bandwagons of the Hawks and the Roosters. How'd ya get tickets Mate?
1st XI 3rd XI 2nd XI


UPDATED Looks like we have enough for a 6x6 match tomorrow afternoon. Meet at the Camel by 12 noon to taxi out to the Arena together, or go there directly.
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