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Bashers Cricket Club

2013 February

Challenge a Basher #1

A new feature for this season is Challenge a Basher. Everybody knows that the Bashers like a challenge on or off the field, so to keep things interesting I will post a video with some sort of cricketing relevance and its down to the Bashers to recreate it.

Bashers club captain lifts first silverware of the year!

Yesterday at the Nforce arena a number of Bashers took part in the Indoor Cricket World Cup. 5 teams from around the world competed over a 4 game round robin to see who would walk away with the silverware.
1st XI The lovely ladies.
just wanna do something special for all the ladies in the world 3rd XI 2nd XI Beer

Gaelic Football – Fun & Games on the 9th March

Hi boys, There's an event coming up on March 9th at the SRFC from 1pm which I thought, as footballers,  you'd enjoy taking part in. It's organised by Shanghai Gaelic Football Club and the idea is that people who have never played Gaelic Football before form a team and join in a tournament made up mainly of men and women who have no idea what the sport is about! In each squad of 12, we'll make sure there are 3 experienced players (e.g. Chris Meehan!) Teams will not be mixed so yours would be an all lads team. You lot should be quick to pick it up being top-quality footballers and all that ;-) You are, of course, welcome to come to a few training sessions beforehand if you want to become familiar with the sport before the event. (Certainly not obligatory!)
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