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Bashers Cricket Club

2011 November

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Fall Sports Boat Cruise. We’re on a BOAT!!! BOO YA!!! (Nov 25th 2011)

Yo guys!!! Check this out... the peeps from PubcrawlShanghai are organizing a big Boat Cruise party for all the sports teams in Shanghai. This looks like a cracker of a night as it starts with a pre-party at our very own "EL CAMEL" and moves over to the Huangpu river (I'm on a Boat!) with a "happy ending" at a VIP party on the Bund (I think...). Tickets are 250RMB and includes free flow beer and all that jazz. Have a look below and let me know if ur in by Monday so we can start organizing tickets (family and friends all invited!). BRING IT!
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn The lovely ladies.
just wanna do something special for all the ladies in the world Beer

Fall Sports Boat Cruise (Friday Nov. 25th 6pm to 12am…ish)- I’m on a BOAT!!!

Alrighty Bashers!!! The crew from PubCrawlShanghai are throwing a massive Sports Bash on the Huangpu River with free flow beer, cocktails and live band/DJ... Should be a cracker as the who's who of Shanghai sports will be present! The night starts off with a pre-party at our very own sponsor "THE CAMEL" and moves onto the Huangpu (I'm on a boat) for some shenanigans before ending at a VIP party somewhere on the Bund (I think ZEAL).

SCC AGM 26th November at the Le Royal Meridien

Attention all Bashers playing members: ++++TIME CHANGE++++ With the 2011 season coming to a close, it is time for the SCC's Annual General Meeting to be able to present to the players the progress that has been made over the season, and our plans for the club moving forward. Click on the photo to download the flyer.

SCC Debenture from 1934

One of my colleagues whose family has some stuff in the attic from the SCC in the 20's and 30's gave me a copy of this debenture issued in 1934. $1000 (there were 50 of them) paying 6% a year and redeemable in 1964. Obviously they never got their money back. Below also this photo of the Taikoo and Wayfoong teams from 1923. Comparing photos across the years some of the money raised in 1934 clearly went towards extending the clubhouse and particularly the bar presumably at the behest of the Gentlemen. The guy in the middle in the suit is the head of HSBC, who built their building on the Bund.
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2011 Awards Nominations

Help! While you wait for your blazers to be dry-cleaned for next weekend please have a think about Bashers deserving of recognition this year.
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With all the talk this weekend of "PLANKING", "OWLING", "TEBOWING" and "HORSEMANING" (If u have no idea wat these terms mean look it up!) it's about time we get some Bashers "BLAZERING" in...
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn Cricket Shanghai


Attention Bashers!!!!! Below are the names of the nominated members for 2012's committee. Cut off date for nominees has been reached, which is today 1st November.
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