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Bashers Cricket Club

2011 October

Xiamen Tour Blog!

Lets see how this goes. For all of you that are missing out this might give you a flavour of whats going on down here!
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Roots & Shoots thank The Bashers

At the Roots & Shoots Board meeting a couple of weeks ago special mention was made of Latex for helping put together the R&S Donors Drinks evening last month.  Also thanks to all Bashers that turned up at that evening.  Again last night at the Marriott Fund Raiser for R&S big thanks to all Bashers who fronted up to contribute RMB 10K for a table as well as those that bought items in the auction and of course for the Bashers on stage performance. Latex's new skull ashtray was the auction bargain of the night. Special mention was also made of those Bashers who have volunteered time to help with the tree planting and visit the school in Inner Mongolia. R&S Chairperson Tori Zwisler said "the Bashers are always the life and soul of the party".  Last night the Bashers logo had equal billing on the stage backdrop beside Fortune 500 company logos.

Xiamen 666’s team selection

The tournament of the year is almost on us! All touring plays need to be at the Camel next Wednesday 26th at 19:00 for the team selection. For this competition we have the COKE Bashers and the KOOKA Bashers representing.

1st Fifty Years of Shanghai Cricket (Part #4)

Last part of the 1914 newspaper article. Reference to concerns about "modern decadence" were prophetic. The reference to men of today "manfully upholding traditions" clearly refers to the gentlemen of the Leisure. Also interesting 1st eleven standard players were excluded from playing in the League.
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who’s got a semi?

The Camel's got two!! Usual table from 3pm for a 4pm KO on both Saturday and Sunday!

Club Tie?

Dear Commitee I need a tie, want to do something special for the end of season do. Where Am I to procure one?
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Xiamen Halloween 666s

Here are more details for what is shaping up to be the event of the year. The touring party from the Bashers, Pudong Power and Nanjing Disco Ducks stands at 57 currently so we are defiantly going to make an impact!

RWC QF Games at the Camel

Big weekend of rugby coming up with every game a thriller apart from when England stuff the Frogs.
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Thursday Drinks on as normal

Although we are done with the league there is a lot of banter to be had over a few drinks. Come to the Camel tonight to talk about the usual kind of nonsense such as;
The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Lumberjack: PooBasher Day

Hello my name is Agung. I am 8 years old and named after a volcano. I just played my first cricket match for the Bashers yesterday. We played at my papa's rugby ground where there were also lots of little Japanese footballers about the same size as me. We played against Pudong Power who were not very powerful. They had one giant man and the rest were normal size. Pudong Power batted first so the Bashers bowled first. Mr Parrot got two fantastic catches when Mr Woodstock was bowling. My papa and Mr Filthy got catches too. Mr Latex let the ball go through his legs and I stopped it. My papa, my brother and I bowled too, but I was the best bowler because I got a very good wicket. The Pudong Power batsman was very angry with the umpire but the Bashers all shouted very loudly. After every over I had to High-5 Mr Parrot. The giant man from Pudong Power hit a six. After Pudong Power batted we had a barbeque and also ice cream. Pudong Power scored 140 runs so the Bashers needed 141 runs to win. I was not allowed to bat because I am too little so I was put in charge of the new scoreboard. Mr Woodstock is a very funny batsman and Mr Parrot and Mr Korean are very good batsmen because they scored many runs. Mr Latex is a very lazy batsman because he did not like to run. Everyone said Mr Filthy was the most boring batsman. Mr Parrot scored the winning four with a fantastic shot so all the Bashers were very happy. We scored 147 because my brother was allowed to bat after we won. Then we all went home on the bus and Mr Latex took his Bashers shirt off and underneath he had a black plastic shirt on that made his tummy look even bigger. Mr Parrot told lots of jokes and told everyone to drink but my brother and I cannot drink beer and the bus had no Coca-Cola so we had to eat sweets. It was a very fun day.
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