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Bashers Cricket Club

2011 July

1st XI 3rd XI

August 7th Matches

Pudong Power vs Leisure When: Sun, August 7, 9:00am – 12:15pm Where: SRFC Near Daredevils CC vs Business
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Zai Jian Beers & More…

G'day All! Some may/may not know, that I am bowing out of China after all these years and heading back to Tassie with the family for some rest and relaxation.
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SCC At the Half Report Online

The SCC has just posted a report on the first half of the 2011 campaign. The Bashers feature promently with Dazzler, Leppa, Stormin' Norman and Bugs singled out for their stand-out performances.

Thursday Training at San He

Regular Thursday training, 6pm - 8pm at 123 Yan Ping Road, San He Hua Yuan Tennis Courts. Huge games for Pleasure and Leisure this weekend. Wins will put both teams back in play-off spots. Do it!

Shanghai Wuxi Whackers Golf Day

This one is for all you golfers out there. On Friday 16th September the great guys at the Whackers are putting on there annual golf day out at the Jinyuan Golf Club.

Business Lumberjack: July 24th

The Business headed out to Dulwich College late Sunday morning facing a must-win game against the cellar-dwelling Power.
3rd XI Up close and personal with the Bashers Beer

Madein’s Testimonial Match

As all the important people in the world know, I'm leaving Shanghai/China this coming weekend. From next month onwards, I will be applying my trade in Bogota, Colombia. Interpret my trade as whatever you want, its probably close enough to the truth.
3rd XI 2nd XI

July Double Header

9am Pleasure vs Devils Doosra, SRFC Far 9am Leisure vs Devils DUI, Dulwich
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