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Bashers Cricket Club

2011 February


Bashers Drinks!

On this beautiful Shanghai spring morning I'm almost ready to head straight down the Camel now and get stuck in to a blondie.
There's cricket outside the Bashers? We love trivia!

Cricket World Cup Sweepstakes

Result from the draw on Saturday. Expecting some pretty vigorous banter to follow. A nice round 28 Entries.

World Cup Quiz Results

New Kids on the Block Voodoo FC proved more is more in dominating this quiz, particularly smart use of the Wildcard. Most of the rest i don't recall.
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn

2011 Season Fees and Loyalty Cards

The committee will be collecting fees this Saturday at the quiz for those that are loaded post CNY. The 2000 will also get you the Bashers Loyalty card that is redeemable for great deals  at a number of locations.
Short attention span cricket Road Trip!

Colombo Sixes

Rumesh Ratnakye has invited (2nd hand) the Bashers to the Colombo Sixes to be held August 17th through 19th.

Did someone say drinks?

With all the banter starting for this Saturday seems like tonight will be a good opportunity for some proper pre-match sledging.

Bogan’s Heroes Hoodies

This should start a bit of banter. Rumour has it that I, Katie, Ghost of Bashers past, will be on the hi-speed down to Shanghai this weekend and, if I get some orders, i'll bring a load of these exclusive Bogan's Heroes Hoodies with me. Top quality design, so the guy down the alley behind Jimmy's told me. What better way to make sure you're up with the latest rural fashion trends on your upcoming trip to th 'Jing?
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn

2011 Makeover

Good morning all. I'll be brief because i know you have studying to do in preparation for this Saturday.

Bashers Trivia World Cup

So here we go, first quiz of the year and its shaping up to be a big one. To co-incide with the first match of the World cup we are going to show off our huge mental ability and other wonderful pub based talents.
Road Trip!

Chiang Mai Tour

Anyone interested in making a Shanghai based team to enter the Chiang Mai Sixes contact CC Filth. Currently a few D2 and D3 Hot Dogs going. Cricket to come a distant second to the joys of touring Thailand.
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