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Bashers Cricket Club

2011 January

Up close and personal with the Bashers Beer

Shrek – Another Sequel

Dearest Bashers I am pleased to announce that No 1 will be in Shanghai from the 16th Feb to the 26th Feb and he will require the following. Alcohol consumed via the nose,a team for the quiz night if there is one,obsequious kow towing from new members,new Bashers shot to be confirmed (why can't beer be part of a shot?), watching of world cup with Bashers past and present, lies about Cranky's incredible climb up Africa's biggest hill, Omega's band playing, Birdshit to recite a famous Shakespeare speech on Bashers drinks night at the Camel on the 17th February, Filthy to wear his underpants outside of his pants, Swahili to find out how to say "Howzat" in Swahil, the anti basher voodoo doll to be completed, and more upstanding than a US State of the Union speech. Mr Turner requests that he is referred to as Shrek, Terror, No 1 or father of two blond Tongans. Mr Shrek would appreciate that the Shanghai paparazzi respects his privacy after midnight when all sense has left. Mr Shrek will also be up in Shanghai for the sixes and would like to ensure that he is placed on a Bashers table. Mr Terror shall be available for all requests sane or otherwise during his time. Xin nian kuai le until then.

Junior Cricket

Junior Cricket starts in spring. David Boyle will be starting spring training at SRFC shortly. The actual date of the first training session is yet to be advised but that should not stop us collecting name of all those interested in getting their kids enrolled to the Bashers Junior team.

Happy Australia Day!

Get amongst it! Even us pommies are downing a crownie or 2 with you out of respect! Get down Kakadu today 4pm for another of there epic BBQ's
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn Beer

Sports Awards Bashers Drinks

A quick reminder Bashers Thursday drinks is being invaded by the sports awards at the Camel this week. Get along and represent.
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn Beer

Bashers’ Drinks- Thursday Jan. 20th 2011

With the snow and cold outside come on over to "EL CAMEL" and have a pint or two to warm urself up! You can also try your hand at Filthy's new "drinking game" (guaranteed to get u THERE) or "inventing a new Basher shot" (also get's u a lil rattled up)...

New Season – First Practice Session

Here is a tentative schedule from above: March 24th: First practice of the season. Will have lots of enthusiastic Bashers attending. (Many of whom will probably never come to practice again if last year is any indication!)

Moderate drinking of beer
1st XI The lovely ladies.
just wanna do something special for all the ladies in the world 3rd XI 2nd XI Beer

Shanghai 2010 Sports Awards

UPDATE! Vote HERE for anyone other than the Hot Logs.. ----------------------------------------------------------------

Bashers Drinks tonight- Thirsty Thursday!

Anyone out at The Camel tonight to satisfy the THIRST? Plus I hear Thursdays is now Ladies Night at The Camel- WOOH!

Flood Relief Feed

UPDATE! See below an updated flyer for Sunday. There are now some serious auction and raffle prizes on offer. Get involved!
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