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Bashers Cricket Club

2010 December



Tomorrow night i will be holding a New Years party/ piss up at my house. All those still in town with no plans are invited.

Bashers summit roof of Africa

The Pusher and Cranky didn't let snow, sleet, hail and rain stop them in their quest to conquere the worlds highest free standing mountain.

Festive Farewell Drinks

Thursday 16th December, Camel Bashers, As Ill be leaving Shanghai shortly and the festive season is fast approaching, it would be great to get together for a few beers and to say bye to all that have made my time here great!

Marathon Fundraiser: Donate Now

A big well done to Sinbad who miraculously  managed to loose 4kg between weigh-ins. Although I think the absence of the earnings and bling necklace had something to do with it.
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