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Bashers Cricket Club

2010 October

SCC Hong Kong Sixes Tour

The Shanghai Cricket Club is organizing two teams (Dragons and Pirates) to tour Hong Kong for the Hong Kong Cricket Festival on 3-5 December. As the Bashers are not sending a team down this year, any Bashers wishing to join the Hong Kong tour should contact Andy "Tank" Scott.
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Drinks Tonight?

Anyone who is keen to blow the froth off a couple of cold ones, chew the fat and generally socialize with fellow Bashers - please answer below:
Cricket Shanghai

Devils Cordially Invite All Bashers

To all our friends at the Bashers Another year has flown by and 2010 has seen us share many an on-field rivalry, spat, controversy and (most importantly) many laughs again. Now that the season is nearly over it may be a long time before we can all get together as cricketers again. So whether you support the Devils or Dogs on Sunday it would be a fantastic sight to see a swarm of "blues" at the ground making merry the way we know you Bashers can.

Autumn Future Prospects Round-Up

The 2030's look to be a stellar decade for the Bashers with a bumper crop of new recruits springing forth in recent weeks.
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2010 Archive

Dear the Basher Family, There's plenty of action remaining before the winter proper hits, just look at the upcoming events in the sidebar.
1st XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Sunday Bloody Sunday

After the torrential rain throughout the Saturday, there were a few surprised Bashers when it became known that the Bashers would be playing "whatever the weather" as a rained off game would have resulted in a BCC-less final.
1st XI Hands Up!

SEMI FINALS – Business Squad vs The Devils

Gents, Pointy end of the season time - and we have a re-run of last years semi final - Bashers vs Devils.

Sports day at Shanghai Cricket Hope School

The Shanghai Cricket Hope School in Sichuan continues to grow from strength to strength and after the efforts this week of some cricketers from Shanghai and Japan it should soon have the best cricket team in Sichuan.
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The Business boys have done it again - making it through to the Semi-Finals. We have officially finished either 2nd or 3rd in the League, and as such will be playing the team that came 3rd or 2nd in the League - namely The Devils...

Thursday Training

Courts are booked. Weather is arranged and our last practice before beating the Devils is on!
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