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Bashers Cricket Club

2010 August

Lumberjack – Pleasure v Pudong Power – Aug 29, 2010

How would you feel if you shagged Pamela Anderson, then you found out she has hepatitis?
2nd XI Hands Up!

Pleasure Squad for Sunday

Game's at 8:45. Bus departing from the Camel at 7:30 sharp. Let me know if you go straight to the field.
2nd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Pleasure vs Hot Dogs Report: On the road to the finals!

As we all started arriving at the camel at 11:30am for our 14:00 game (who was the dumb f**k that organised us to convene two and a half hours before the game), there was tension in the air and a hint of beans as we prepared to board the bus with our arch nemesis the c*ck smokers AKA Hotdogs.

Thursday Training

123 Yanping Road, San He Hua Yuan tennis courts, 6- 8pm Coming? Filth
Cricket Shanghai Hands Up!

Shanghai Dragons – Sunday 29th

Gents, With the Shanghai Dragons gearing up for their tour of Beijing, they have asked the Clubs in the SCC to raise a team to take them on in a practice match this Sunday.

Friends of Jane Gala

Our official charity the Million Tree Project is having their Big Gala. So far the people confirmed are as follows:
2nd XI Hands Up!

Pleasure vs Pudong CC

Game on at 845am gents!
3rd XI Cricket Shanghai

Leisure DIV 3, the lost boys of the SCC!

Open Letter to SCC & Anyone else who wants to read. Dear Masters of Cricket in Shanghai [Not Masters of the Universe as He-Man is a sacred figure who's name I shall never take in vain]
2nd XI Hands Up!

Pleasure Squad for Sunday

Here's the team for Sunday. Please let me know if you're going straight to the ground. Tank

Training Thursday

Pleasure have a must win game this Sunday so let's give them a hand at nets. 123 Yanping Road, San He Hua Yuan Tennis Courts.
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