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Bashers Cricket Club

2010 April

1st XI Hands Up!

Business vs The Devils

Game on... vs the Devils Dulwich College, game starts at 12:15 after the Leisure game. The bus will depart at 10:30 on the dot - giving us time to limber up as well as support our fellow Bashers
3rd XI Hands Up!

Bashers Leisure v Hot Dogs, May 1st, 9AM [8AM Bus]

Team line up for the match is thus: Dean 'Loose' Lapthorne Steve 'C3P0' Read Alessandro 'The Jaguar' Pezzani
2nd XI Hands Up!

Div 2 vs. Devils: 9.00 May 1 SRFC

Jimmy 'Bugs' McLeod (Captain) Andy 'Tank' Scott (Vice-Captain) Tony 'Badabing' Finnochario
1st XI 3rd XI 2nd XI Beer


In the forgiveable lack of communication from our esteemed Club Captain (we always knew Squeaky wore the trousers...)

Bashers in KunLunQi, Inner Mongolia

Bashers Cricket in Inner Mongolia "Hi, I'm Richard, do you want to see my underpants?" What better way for a Basher to greet the Million Tree Project representative Heather Wigmore on arrival at Kun Lun Qi, Inner Mongolia, a town of 50,000 in one of China's poorest areas  The Bashers trio of Parrot, Pusher and Woodstock had just traversed 200km of arid zone, invigorated by fresh air, sunshine, blue skies, and a third place at the Frank's Place pub quiz the previous night. Parrot was understandably euphoric after making up severe deficiencies in his  underwear ensemble during a snack stop on the way from TongLiao airport.  The Bashers faced a busy few days in the desert, and it was not the time for wardrobe malfunctions.

Devils Say Thank You for Not Breaking Anything at Bukhara

A message from Basher XCII: A huge thank you to Denzyl, Rakesh, Andy and all the Closet Devils...oops!! Bashers who showed up for the event..were there more than 8 in all? Well done guys, appreciate your coming and more importantly behaving!
1st XI 3rd XI 2nd XI

Just When You Thought the Schedule Was Done, It Changes Yet Again

SRFC, doing what it does best, has screwed everyone playing cricket yet again in favour of other sports. Please note the important changes to the schedule for Saturday below...
1st XI 3rd XI 2nd XI

Who’s Available for the Bashers Triple Header?

You've seen the dates and times, now's it's time to throw your hats in and let us know if you're available to play this Saturday. Practice as usual Thursday night at San He Hua Yuan as well. Please let us know if you're available to play below.
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn Up close and personal with the Bashers

Upstanding for No 1

My Dearest Bashers Yes I am returning and I wish for all the usual pomp and name calling, immature toilet humour,urinating on each other (the inquisition),toasts for no reason other than to stand up and poor memories.
3rd XI

DPR Hotdogs vs. Leisure

@ Dulwich
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