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Bashers Cricket Club

2009 October

1st XI Cricket Shanghai Hands Up!

Business Squad vs Pudong

Guys, Big game on Sunday vs Pudong. The game is at a pretty civilized 12:00 midday at the SRFC (the exact pitch tbc).

Bashers do MOVEMBER! BBQ & Charity Shave off – SATURDAY

Hey Guys Just dropping you a quick message in regards to the Bashers & Movemeber, and the Shanghai launch this SATURDAY.
Short attention span cricket Road Trip!

FINAL CALL!! BASHERS HK 6s Tour (4-6 December)

So far we have the following "expressions of interest": Sheyan Hasher Stats Filthy Sir Dick
1st XI 2nd XI


Gentlemen, I trust we are  all near full recovery. Just to let you all know training is on tomorrow - same time, same place.

Bashers 2009 Awards Night: Stay Tuned!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the cloth, Just when your liver said 'enough', we are here to inform you of the up & coming Bashers CC Awards Night 2009.
Short attention span cricket Road Trip!

Sixes Thank You & Tour Invites

I have to say the contribution from the Bashers to the Coca-Cola Sixes was simply magnificent and quite frankly the event would not nearly have been so good if many Bashers had not stepped up to the plate with their contributions. Sir & Lady Dick, Tank, Omega, Turtle and Birdshit all made massive contributions to the weekend's organisation. Hammer's initiative in bringing out D-Man went down a storm and certainly provided me with one of the most memorable moments ever at a Sixes Dinner when he let rip on the stage. If I have missed some people out I apologise.

Coca-Cola Sixes Fond Memory Losses

Epic! The Bashers did represent over the weekend, well done fellas. Newest Basher Danny "Saint" Morrison proved he is a worthy Basher. A lot of stuff happened, much no doubt forgotten and quite a bit probably best forgotten.
1st XI Hands Up!

Bashers Business vs Pudong

Gents, Am sitting in the office feeling like a broken man - what an epic weekend... Sunday sees the Business Team take on the might of Pudong . The game is scheduled for 12:00 at the SRFC.

Suited and beauted for the 6s dinner

Men, Not only will we be the only club with our own blazers for the 6s dinner, but we will also have our very own club tie (thanks to Hammer and a few others - you know who you are). In the club colours of gold with a repeated Blue Bashers crest.
1st XI The lovely ladies.
just wanna do something special for all the ladies in the world 2nd XI Cricket Shanghai Short attention span cricket Beer


As per Sir Dicks previous posting, Raybon Kan is on tonight. The event kicks off at 8pm at Malones on Tongren.
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