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Bashers Cricket Club

2009 June

1st XI 2nd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack Cricket Shanghai Road Trip!

SCC May Communique

This hot off the press from the SCC Pres! Read, Enjoy and be informed! Communique May 2009 Page 1
1st XI 2nd XI Beer

Training Thursday

Gents, and Ladies, After a sojourn of a couple of weeks, we will return to our rigourous training regime.

May 2009 – Cricket Shanghai Newsletter

Staying in Touch and Up-to-Date We are now a few rounds into the 2009 league and most of the competitions are still wide open. While many of us have our eyes glued to the WT20 in England this month, let's take some time out to review the developments within Cricket Shanghai.
2nd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Bashers Pleasure vs D.P.R Harddogs Match Report

With a 1:30pm (Saturday) start to our game we pondered why we deserved this lovely time slot. Then we realized we had done nothing and it was only because we were playing a D.P.R. ****dog team that we had such a convenient start time. We discussed team tactics over a few Crown Lagers while we waited for Birdshit to arrive, which never eventuated. We jumped on the bus and headed to Dulwich in HIGH spirits.
2nd XI


Go to the Division II batting stats (on the right of this page), and order them by Strike Rate (Press "STR")
Hands Up!


PLEASURE v HOTDOGS, SATURDAY 27 July, 1.30pm Dulwich College Ground, JinQiao TEAM ANNOUNCEMENT
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No Training but Drinking

After consultation with Birdshit - I was assured that most of the Pleasure Team would not need training before the Big Game against the Hot Dogs this weekend.

State Of Origin – Tonight!

Ladies & Germs, For all those interested in Rugby League then tonight is your night! QLD v NSW in game 2 of the 2009 SOO series.
2nd XI Hands Up!

DPR Hotdogs v Bashers Pleasure

Division 2 @ Dulwich. We assume this isn't the last game of the season but it is the last scheduled at this point and the last in what has been a big month for the Pleasure. We may even need a bit of reinforcement from  above if our bodies don't hold together. Step right up...
1st XI 2nd XI Beer

The Treasurer speaks….

... to praise the good members of this esteemed club who have paid up and are official Bashers for the 2009 Season.
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