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Bashers Cricket Club

2009 April

Bashers Broadcast Episode Nine

Heals! Casper gets a surprise on the couch, the Ladies reveal themselves and it only took 8 goes to get the limerick this week!
1st XI 2nd XI Hands Up!

FINAL CALL – Sunday Double Header

Fine, esteemed Gentlemen of the Bashers, Please respond on the Blog if you are available for selection this weekend for the Monster Double Header against the Devils.

Thursday Nets

Just to remind everyone that there will be nets as per usual on Thursday - same time (6-8pm) same place (San He Hua Yuan - address on blog).

Bashers Day


Bashers Week Quiz Results

Another big night. Those missing out - missed out! A big welcome to the various newcomers to the world of Bashers trivia, it's really not a bad place.
We love trivia! Beer


Final reminder for tonight's QUIZ @ The Big Bamboo from 7:30 PM. Get in early, get your teams ready as this is going to be a great night!
1st XI 2nd XI Hands Up!

Devils v Bashers Double Header

Hands Up!

Supporting the Devils – RSVP

Guys, Gravity Newton posted on the blog a few days ago - and as yet no responses... This is an opportunity for the Bashers to prove what an integral part of the SCC we have become... Not only do we head up League 1, but we are also the team that others turn to in order to make sure that their events are fun...
On-Air stupidity

Bashers Broadcast Episode Eight

Oh lordy! Loose! Outside the Shed this week (Loose didn't meet the dress code) Very special "Steaming in form the member's end" with a very special guest.

Ode to I

There once was a Basher called Paul First on the Bashers roll call A heartbreaker and a loner
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