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Bashers Cricket Club

2008 September

Short attention span cricket

Bashers SICS 08 Results

Bashers Scores From The Tournament - read on... Bashers CC v Murava - Shoes Group Omega Caught 0 (2 balls)
Champs! The Bashers are so pretty Short attention span cricket

Bashers @ The Sixes

We're expecting a full tournament report from a prominent basher any day now (volunteers?) but to tide you over a couple of moments to remember.


There Once Was A Basher Called Ollie A Wicket Keeper By Golly In The Nets He Bowled Well

TOUR: Hong Kong Cricket 6s Festival (Dec 5-7, 2008)

HK Cricket Festival 2008 The call is out….for player availability to represent the Bashers CC in the HK Cricket Festival 2008 . For those of you not familiar with this tournament, it is a Sixes Tourn., and part of the official Asian Sixes Tour (the HK equivalent of our Shanghai International Sixes tournament this month), and is sanctioned by the HK Cricket Club.


For the first time we are getting spiffing club blazers made. The following steps need to be taken by individuals who would like to get one of these;

Hammer Hammer Time

What is the punishment for a semi-final no show with the lamest excuse known to womankind?  
Short attention span cricket

SICS 08 Bashers Games

The first draft of the draw has been approved (apart from the anti-basher who is never happy).
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