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Bashers Cricket Club

2008 August

Short attention span cricket

SICS Officials

It's coming down to it now and we're putting the pieces in place. Always one of the toughest hurdles is Scorers and Umpires. I'm putting big pressure on the other clubs to step up this year and i hope i can rely upon the Bashers again showing the way. Basically we need as many of you as possible to put your hands up NOW and say "yes i can count and i'd be happy to give a few hours of my time during the tournament to make it run nice and smooth" Anyone with black pants who knows a thing or two about cricket is welcome to do some umpiring. Come on guys don't be shy - lets show these other freeloaders how to rock this.

Final Final Farewell

The weekend picnic was just not enough for us to show how happy we are to see him leave so we say "Sake it to us!"

Last Night On The Loose

His Royal Looseness Lapthorne LXXXVII is being whisked away next week to Italy (why don't they get any medals in diving at the olympics?) for matrimonial duties.

Final Practice Before Finals

Usual Place 6:30pm Stats will be in attendance to accept payment for blazers
Short attention span cricket Beer

SICS 08 Dinner

The Biggest flashest social event of the year. Bashers are set to glow on the red carpet in their new Blazers. By now you should all have RSVP'd to The Tank (

International Sixes Flyer

Guys , here it is , the long awaited Flyer for this years International Sixes . Please forward this to your email address book , there are plenty of tickets left and we need all the help we can get .
2nd XI

20-Twenty Final

Not Sure Of This Date - Just Guessing At This Stage.....   @ Dulwich
1st XI Hands Up!

Final League Match

Last chance to boot some doggie butt. (This match postponed from last week) League match - Saturday 30th August - 1PM start (perfect as that means hangover on following day is not Monday) Meet at Bamboo at 11am.
2nd XI Hands Up!

20-Twenty Semi-Final Take 2

Let's try this again! In the name of Shanghai progress the originally scheduled match has been postponed.

Sad Terrorable Farewell

Bashers, break out the tissues - Basher #1 is leaving us. He's called for all Bashers to come out with brave faces and attend a PICKNICK this Sunday at Century Park in Pudong. Go to the Century Park entrance from the Century Park railway station from about 12.30 and ring a Basher you know and find everyone for this final day out in Shanghai before our beloved Shrek returns to his Princess Fiona.
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