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Bashers Cricket Club

2008 June



Bashers!!!   Rumour control here, the facts as reported! We have a unique opportunity to have a BASHERS ONLY DAY on Saturday the 19th of July 2008 at Dulwhich from 9am till 3pm. We can have a 35 overs compatition and then head over to Bamboo in Pudong for a good time.
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Around the World in Nine Beers

It was quite the training session last night. It wasn't my idea and not even my intention until I was already half way, but what a lovely journey I had.I'd worked up quite a thirst from the toughest training session in quite a while and I think it must have shown as I walked through the parlour of the Shed. Roadkill was quick to the draw and a James Boags Premium was soon tucked snugly in it's stubby cooler. After a few gulps, of what is a perennial favourite of mine, I greeted my fellow Bashers (VI, XXXIX, I, XIV and XCIII were early starters). The Boags was good, fresh Tassie, nuclear free tap water, an old friend, like that spot in the couch with a bit of a dip.
1st XI

League Match vs Doggies

Sunday 6 July 1:30pm! @ Dulwich Â
1st XI Hands Up!

League Game Versus the Devils Sunday 29th June

To All and Sundry  This Sunday the League boys will take on the Devils at Dulwich college , 29th June  from 1pm 
1st XI 2nd XI Hands Up!

Thursday 26th Training now Saturday 28th

Training has been postponed due to a double booking this Thursday at SAN HE GARDEN and will now be changed to Saturday 28th at 11am Weather permitting 

Bashers Summer Quiz

We've saved this one up for a while! Now here it is - the Basher's Summer Trivia Fiesta. Start Sharpening your brains now - you have until Wednesday (The culmination of the Bashers Big Day Out). Make up some teams (no more than 6 pax) and enter in the comments below - or enter yourself and we'll marry you up on the night. Space is limited! Venue is the Sticky Wicket Bar (out back at the Big Bamboo) and there will be prizes from the Boo and some mystery prizes from Just Beer as well. Admission is 100RMB per head with proceeds going to buying practice balls.

Bashers Big Day Out Venue Change

Mark Your Calendars for next Wednesday 2 July. A Massively competitive golf excursion to 9 Dragons Course. Expressions of interest are encouraged in the comments. Tee off from around 11:30, meeting the Bamboo Bus at the bamboo at 10am. The bus will then return you to the Bamboo for an awards session (Yay prizes) and the Bashers Summer Quiz! Big Day!


Big word.  Meaning: We're a big bunch of girls made of sugar who are afraid of a bit of rain so training is cancelled tonight.
2nd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Match Report – Bashers CC v Tongji University

Twenty20 Match Report: Bashers CC v Tongji Uni, 15th June 2008 Rain, extra strong coffee, a tent in the middle of the field and a thieving little Bangladeshi ring-in were the lasting memories from the Bashers battle with Tongji Uni. But first, the news!
2nd XI

Twenty20 Game: Bashers CC v Wieners

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