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Bashers Cricket Club

2005 September

Short attention span cricket

2005 Shanghai International Cricket Sixes Review

Dear Friends I say with no personal hesitation that 2005 was our finest and most successful Cricket Tournament ever, dare I say China's. An unprecedented 16 teams, our biggest crowd, highest revenues, most media coverage, local interest and low and behold - in seven years of trying - stunning weather!! The play itself was a mixed bag of highly entertaining results played in the usual great spirit. An interesting footnote is that the Shanghai based teams cleaned up all four category cups although in completely in the wrong order so no chance of that being suspicious.
Short attention span cricket

2005 SICS Results

Cup Final Hot Dogs CC defeated Pudong CC Plate Final Hua Dao Shanghai Dragons defeated CBB SC's
The Bashers are so pretty Short attention span cricket

2005 International Sixes Photos

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