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Life Solutions

水 Water 水:-   Easily the Bahser’s second favourite drink- get some in ya and live long!!!


Life Solutions specialises in the filtration and purification of water. Set up to supply, install and maintain filtration systems, Life Solutions provides systems for both potable water as well as systems for washing water.


Commercial Solutions

Serving over 1200 corporate clients, Life Solutions is Hong Kong’s leading filtered water service provider. We take pride in offering the best selection of systems available and supporting this with our 5-star servicing and maintenance, ensuring our clients continue to receive great tasting, clean and healthy water


Community Solutions

Life Solutions has a range of systems to suit any home. Each solution can be tailored for any specific needs. All of our systems are guaranteed for life and supported with our installation and maintenance service, ensuring clients continue to receive the highest quality of water directly in their home


1) Free water test in your home or office,
2) Free seminars on Reverse Osmosis and other water filtration techniques
3) Site appraisal
4) Comprehensive selection of the latest high quality water filtration systems
5) Product sourcing for specific requirements
6) Customized solutions proposals
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