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Bashers Cricket Club

Sir Dick’s Arkham- Pleasure to Play-offs

On the sunny morning, it all began- Skiddy’s led the Pleasure lads on the conquest for a place in the Play-offs. With hesitation and sleep in their eyes, the team went to smash those cunning Pudong twats. It seemed like the high tempo was temporarily taken aback by the vegetarian pies. Special mention for Sir Dick who used a click-counter to score the Pudong team while the Bashers were on the field to avoid any rigging of the scorecard.
Soon the everlasting discussion began yet again- should we bat first or not? With expert advice thrown to the skipper on ways to win the toss. Not to anyone’s surprise, Skiddy lost the toss (again) and the team had to field first.
With the whites on, the Bashers Pleasures unit and a Cyborg walked on the field with 2 umpires. The team was chirping loud and soon pressurised the opposition into early and timely wickets. Fluffer and Bridget came running in and used intimidation as a key tactic in their spells and were soon to take wickets. Pudong looked on the backfoot and soon Skiddy and Swoop came on to capitalise.
Drinks Break- First session of the game goes to Bashers.
Post Drinks break, Pudong looked like a different with the Kiwi dude tossing the ball everywhere with Skiddy going for 27 in an over. The game was changing complexion and looked like it could slip away from the Bashers at this stage. The only positives being a beautiful catch taken by Tucker for the third game in a row of Skiddy and Juice’s first Bashers wicket.
2nd Drinks Break- Session goes to Pudong
Post the regrouping, the team focused on the task at hand and the sheer intent to stop Pudong from scoring. This worked and soon the nasty bouncers by Fluffer and Bridget made the batsmen feeble. Helmets were called for and soon, a helmet would prove inconsequential as the Kiwi dude ended up getting one on his chin off the bowling of Bridget- after some treatment, the game resumed with the shaken and stirred batsmen.
Pudong lost their 10 wickets soon enough with a runout which could’ve been easier than it actually was- Pudong finished just over 150, which seemed achievable by the batting lineup the team had.
2nd Innings started and the batting started with what could seem like a no.10 and no.11 opening the batting order- but Skiddy had a strategy, which, to be honest never works. The opening pair lasted less time than the mid-innings break and let me tell you that the mid-inning break was very brief. Soon ambassador walked in and Swoop and Ambassador got the scoreboard ticking.
First drinks break and Bashers were at 43-1. It could be argued which way the session went to, but arguably to the Bashers.
The second session started and the team lost the wicket of Ambassador to a dodgy LVW decision. Then walked in Tango, who single handedly is capable of pulling up the nerves of his team. But swoop and tango were patient at the crease and scored some good runs. On Swoop’s dismissal walked in Sir Dick, with his beautiful bat and badass swagger. Sir Dick was the harbinger of free flow of strokes and unlike the Barbecue’s free flow, even Juice and the team enjoyed Bashers cruising towards a win.
But soon, there was to be a twist, twist for the stumps and not for the game as Sir Dick and Tango got into a heated argument with the Pudong pricks and this was followed by Sir Dick’s dismissal. Enraged at the celebrations and furious at the dismissal, let’s just say Sir Dick did Sir Dick by smashing the stumps. The umpires discussed the situation briefly within this break and play was resumed as Fluffer walked in.
The game was about to be finished, but Bashers don’t like it easy- so in the last 5 odd runs, the Pleasure unit saw 3 batsmen dismiss- Tango (28), Bambi (Duck), Tucker (Golden Duck).
Next walked in Korean and he was quick to finish the game in what seemed a more orderly manner as compared to the chaos preceding it.
The team hoped onto the Bus and the fines session began as Bashers Pleasure had fixed their spot in the Play-off.



2nd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack





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