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Bashers Cricket Club

Lumberjack – Leisure vs Dulwich Knights – 22nd April

Upon the entering of the Camel we are greeted with smiles, laughter and the Jaguar. Also on the arrival we are introduced to the amazing new Basher t-shirts probably because it is a new season. Shortly after receiving the t-shirts we are departed on the Basher’s bus and within seconds everyone is in the usual routine of consuming beers except my brother and myself because we are not allowed to drink beer in front of our mother.

It did not take long for the smell of alcohol on my teammates breath to inflame our nostrils. It took even less time for Shit Shoes to start his constant whining about his hands being cold and multiple other whinges. As the bus starts to move music starts playing followed by lots of complaints of the music being played which was truly awful. When we arrived at SRFC we all signed in and went to the tents. The moment all the gear is set we are engulfed in a cloud of smoke from cigarettes as half the team starts smoking furiously. The practice was the average stuff with the Jaguar throwing the ball across to his left instead of to the catcher and Latex trying to take out his team mates with wild throws (our mother told us that Latex was still probably drunk from the previous day’s all day drinking at the SRFC).


The Bashers batted first with Parrot in and out very quickly. The Bashers scored a lot of runs with Cranky hitting lots of huge sixes and fours. He looked very pleased with himself as usual. Post Op also hit many good shots and the Bashers ended up with a total of 147. The opposing Dulwich team was not necessarily tough mainly because we are the Bashers and we rule cricket with an iron fist, but some of their players were surprisingly good. For example one of Dulwich’s kids played very well on the field bowled a few overs which eventually got El Gringo (he bats very slow) out. There there was also a lady teacher who bowled very surprising swing balls to which Cranky commented “You would think it was going here then after you move your foot you realised you have just made a big mistake”.¬†Unfortunately our new player “Dot” (bats even slower than El Gringo) faced that bowler and got out. Must be an awful feeling o be bowled by a girl.

Our bowling was always too good for Dulwich. Dot bowled the best and even got a wicket maiden. Cranky also seemed very pleased with his own bowling. The Jaguar as usual was very funny when he was fielding and often tried to miss catches. Dags told everyone what to do but I don’t think the Jaguar was listening or understood. Dulwich ended up scoring 129 just before it got dark.

During the course of the match Shit Shoes thought it might be nice to do a “Sinbad” on the grounds. Boy did that get everyone laughing. Shortly after the match we had a fine session with the self-appointed leader Cranky being very strict on the no speaking out of turn. Every time he feels that he is not happy he will make someone drink or make the juniors suck on pieces of lemon that made our teeth rot. It was all very wild particularly when the Jaguar started showing his tartan converse shoes on the table. He also complained that Dags did not trust his batting or bowling skills. The session was actually very long, a few hours in SRFC and half the bus-ride on the way back to the camel. Cranky seemed very pleased with himself.

2012 Division Three

Monday 23 April 2012 P W D L F A P
DPR Hot Dogs 3 3 0 0 440 304 12
Bashers Leisure 2 2 0 0 247 226 8
Pudong DT 2 2 0 0 200 120 8
Pudong D&L 3 1 0 2 273 414 4
Dulwich Knights 4 0 0 4 327 353 0
Daredevils CC 2 0 0 2 234 304 0

3rd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack





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