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Bashers Cricket Club

All Time XI

Here is the all time best Bashers side as voted on Prior to the 2016 season by Bashers all around the globe.

  1. Oliver “Stats” Austin
  2. Paul “Shrek” Turner
  3. Darren “Dazzler” Manning
  4. Sanjay “Jabber” Poojary
  5. Hadleigh “Sir Dick” Churchill
  6. Denzyl “Cranky” Allwright
  7. Steve “Poppy” Field
  8. Kevin “Cassius” Wright
  9. John “Inquisition” L’Epagniol
  10. Sameer “Paps” Jolly
  11. Tim “Tiny” O’Connell
  12. Neal “Birdshit” Watkins

And a second XI

  1.  Sheyan “Dipso” Patel
  2.  Jeff “Hollywood” James
  3.  Mal “Omega” Collins
  4.  Mike “Tubby” Hall
  5.  Manoj “а Trois” Zalpuri
  6.  Travis “Swoop” Weir
  7.  Sam “Swahili” Finnerty
  8.  Sean “The Korean” Malcon
  9.  Desmond “Long Dong” deSilva
  10. Phil “Filthy” Mildenhall
  11. Steve “Chook” Aikman
  12. Ed “Truffles” Jones
    Alex “The Jaguar” Pezzani
Unusually quiet around here
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