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Bashers Cricket Club


The Bashers Season of Outrageous Fortune

Bashers + Geishas It's now time for you to forward your pics + vids to me for the end of season video to be premiered at the AGM on the 22nd... So please email/drop-box your classic photos of Bashers events, games, any team photos, any Bashers initiations, anyone making a pit-stop or using a Pee-cup, with the exception of Woodstock's photos at Sinbad's 4th Farewell Party (or was it the 5th)... I don't have any record of the awesome Spring Boat Trip earlier in the year - so hopefully someone wasn't enjoying the VIP champagne as much as me and took a few pics!

Bashers on the Road Challenge

Thanks to the Bashers who contributed - although Bashers kit was a bit sparse. Apparently Pope had a slightly dubious link with his cap. S.S.

Sharapova features in BBC article

Our very own Chinese national captain, Sharapova, featured recently in this article on the BBC - nicely spotted by Post-Op and Dags!

Leisure vs Dulwich Lumberjack for 2 June 2013

the Leisure made it two wins in a row on the weekend by demolishing the luckless Dulwich side at Dulwich.

Bashers club captain lifts first silverware of the year!

Yesterday at the Nforce arena a number of Bashers took part in the Indoor Cricket World Cup. 5 teams from around the world competed over a 4 game round robin to see who would walk away with the silverware.
3rd XI The Bashers are so pretty

Bashers Leisure Videos

Thanks to Dags and the power of the internet - the two videos premiered at the End of Season Awards Dinner are now also available online. So if you were too loose to remember them, were dropping some kids home, or getting some gay nip 'n' tuck action at the local hospital, you can watch them here:
1st XI 3rd XI The Bashers are so pretty 2nd XI Cricket Shanghai Short attention span cricket Beer


Since it's the Xiamen 666s weekend - it's also a good time to remember the SCC 6s... So click the link to download the clip (24MB)...

The Lost Leisure Lumberjacks

There were a number of missing Leisure lumberjacks for matches this year, but none have been updated since Birdshit posted the list last month. So to preserve the memories of these great Leisure wins, I will post short reports, to be added to by the missing lumberjacks as/if required.

Bashers Leisure 2012 SCC Division 3 Champions

Well done to the Leisure team for bringing home the trophy in yesterdays final. A great performance all round. Bad luck to the business who made a great game of it with the ball.

End of the Oblivion Slayer…

Congratulations to the LEISURE yesterday for the comfortable win over the Dulwich Knights.  The win puts the LEISURE at the top of the table and qualifies us for the final in a couple of weeks...  AND thanks to the JAGUAR for providing the best Moroccan mint tea ever provided at a Bashers LEISURE match...
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